What Happens Before Window Cleaning
Have you ever wondered what happens before window cleaning professionals begin their work? We hope to provide some tips so you can be prepared for residential window cleaning. First of all, we recommend that first-time clients be present as we at Sparkle and Shine do a walk-though and inspect all windows in case of any
Keep Your Windows Clean in Winter!
You might not think twice about having your windows regularly cleaned during warm seasons, but during the winter, we can become reluctant to give them a good shine and clean no matter how dirty they might be. Many of our residential customers choose to use us to give all the windows in their home a
Why pay attention to eavestrough cleaning?
Eavestrough or gutter cleaning is often neglected because we normally don’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind. However, cleaning eavestroughs ensures that rain water flow in a controlled way through the proper drainage system. What can result from blocked gutters? Put simply, water damage. Water from blocked eavestroughs can cause such issues as:
Window cleaning and gutter cleaning day!
We received a job request to clean windows and gutters and to remove vines. Being that it was a two-story house, the job required the use of our 16/24/32 ft. ladders as we started from the back all the way to the front. Speaking of the ladders, while we have both power and energy to