Keep Your Windows Clean in Winter!


You might not think twice about having your windows regularly cleaned during warm seasons, but during the winter, we can become reluctant to give them a good shine and clean no matter how dirty they might be. Many of our residential customers choose to use us to give all the windows in their home a thorough clean just before the winter arrives. And what usually happens is no window cleaning throughout the winter. It’s true, your windows might remain relatively clean for a few weeks. But what if they don’t?

window cleaners extension pole calgaryIt’s important to remember that your residential windows will require regular cleaning if you want to protect them from scratches and other damage from the accumulated dirt. So if you decide to clean the windows yourself, then you need to make sure you clean out any dirt, dust or debris first. Also ensure you use enough water and proper window cleaning solution (with antifreeze desired) to remove the dirt. Prompt and regular cleaning will keep your windows looking as close to perfect as possible.

If you feel this is too much work on a day that is very cold or when the wind is howling, then we can definitely come and provide professional window cleaning service! We have done this for many years, so contact us today for more information, get a free quote, or schedule your appointment.