Snow Removal

Calgary Snowfall Removal

We are your snow removal company that takes care of everything during Calgary’s dreadful winter.

Snowfall warning can be a nightmare for every business and homeowner, as it’s extremely difficult to predict how many cm of snow will fall and when will it occur. What if snow accumulates overnight? What if it snows on the weekend? In addition, the City of Calgary does not have Council approval or budget to plow residential roads down to bare pavement or clear snow on back lanes, alleyways or sidewalks bordering private homes or businesses. That’s where Sparkle & Shine can help.

Why Hire Us?

Richard and his staff can be your go-to snow removal company here in Calgary. We readily respond to your needs, whether it’s monthly or Emergency Response. We have over 13 years experience with window cleaning, but we now offer snow removal services, realizing this is what our customers need during our long winter.

What We Do For You

  • Monthly snow removal
  • Emergency snow removal

You Can Count on Us

We use a variety of methods and high-reach equipment to get your job done professionally. Our trained experts are fully bonded and insured and follow the strict health & safety regulations that govern the cleaning industry. Ensuring every job is completed safely regardless of difficulty.

Our staff will work around everything in your business. We will ensure our work do not interfere with your business to the best of our ability.

snow removal service calgary

Just as clearing the bus routes and train tracks are the priority for Calgary Transit, so getting your roads and sidewalks clear of snow is vital. We know that it’s important for your business to be fully functioning before opening hours. Extreme cold tends to bring about snow and black ice, for you home owners we understand that you want to keep your driveway and sidewalks safe for precious family members.

For free estimates and appointments, you can reach us at: 403-862-7662
We take serious pride in our work, and we stand behind it completely. When we perform our snow removal service, we work to make sure that absolutely everything is done right. Count on our experience and reliability to tackle this ongoing winter struggle!

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