What Happens Before Window Cleaning

interior window cleaning calgary

Have you ever wondered what happens before window cleaning professionals begin their work? We hope to provide some tips so you can be prepared for residential window cleaning.

interior window cleaning calgaryFirst of all, we recommend that first-time clients be present as we at Sparkle and Shine do a walk-though and inspect all windows in case of any pre-existing scratches or broken windows. After that we can service your exterior windows without your presence as long as any pets are properly contained. If interior access is needed, you will need to make the necessary access arrangements prior to our arrival.

The basic window cleaning service includes cleaning the windows (interior/exterior), dry brushing or wet washing screens per request, and window tracks and sills.

If you would like to have your interior windows cleaned, please remove all items from the window sills as well as move any heavy furniture that may be in the way before window cleaning service. Curtains do not need to be removed as long as they can be moved or tied away easily to allow our crew to access your window. If we are cleaning exterior windows and having gutters or wall pressure-washed, then please make sure to shut all doors and windows completely so that no water gets inside the home.

We would be happy to address any questions you may have, so please feel free to call us directly at (403) 862-7662 before window cleaning services.